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Do you know the paper box produce process?

ZhengYuan Paper 2018-06-07 17:08:05
Paper box looks like a simple product and they have been used in many fields,so do you know how does the box made?Today we will introduce you the normal lid box produce process.
 Printing is normally the first process,you can printing any designs on the paper surface.And printing include UV,offset printing,silk printing,that depends the paper you choose or the design fit which printing method looks better.We have two printers can meet all your requires.

If you need to make some special effect,such as hot stamping,logo embossing,then this is the process after printing,this also processed by some auto machines.After that,they need to be cut into shape to fit the box.
 Also we need to prepare paperboard to cut into the same shape and glue the edge to make them with adhesive.
After the printed paper and paperboard finished die cut,then we laminate them together by hand or machine,each area would be exactly matched. Then one the lid or the bottom part is finished,the other part is the same process.
This is just the simple normal box process,some complex structure boxes need some more process more than you think.

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