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Our new website is online today

ZhengYuan Paper 2018-05-30 09:51:28
With the quick developing of science and technology, in order to attract our customers,Zhengyuan Paper Technology Co.,Ltd.'s web has to constantly change the design to adapt to the new vision requires. Our previous website is finally retired in honor after used for 12 years. Today, our more humanized website is online, and many old products have been eliminated. Show more recent box designs for customers' reference, such as gift box, perfume box, cosmetics box, chocolate box and so on.

Website is the company's fastest and most direct window, through our website, customers can know our advantages, see our strength and quality. Hope that in the future, more clients can find us through this site,then know us, trust us, and then start a new business cooperation.
Every entity product needs packaging,no matter it used to protect the product,decorative the product or just as promotion.Especially in today,the customers have too many choices,we need to make the packaging better to make your products stand out.
Our customized packaging can fit more your product positioning,  help more consumers like and want to buy your product just at the first sight when they see the packaging.
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